This is the Kid’s ministry of our church. All ages between infancy to fifth grade can get involved. Every Sunday the children learn the Word in a creative way, and are encouraged to memorize the Bible and to live for Jesus. They can also get involved in a cell group (small group) throughout the week. If this is your first time here, we recommend arriving fifteen minutes early so you can register your children in the system and get them into the right class.


God has a special purpose for women, and we want to make sure that we provide an environment where all women can grow and flourish in their God-given calling. At MCI Church, our women’s ministry is a pivotal part of the church. Women are unique and special and that is why we have a strong women’s ministry, with leaders that can raise up a new generation of women who know how to lead a balanced and godly life.


Young people are the motor of innovation. The young people at MCI Church believe in making a difference in our community, in being a light in the midst of our society, and in living a life that is in alignment with God’s Word. Serving God is no boring task. A life with God is the most exciting and fulfilling life a young person can choose. Our youth ministry is determined to raise up a new generation of young people who will put a special touch on church.


From the very beginning God has been the master of creativity. Our God is a creative God, and we want to put that touch of creativity on everything we do here at MCI Church. We have several different outlets of creativity, such as our dance team, our theater team, and our media production team.

Baby Dedication

The baby dedication service is a public serve, where parents commit to raising their children in the fear of God.

What is expected of the parents:

  • At least one of them should be committed to God
  • At least one of them should be attending our Sunday Service
  • At least one of the parents should commit to be an example of purity, faith, and conduct

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