Our Values

MCI Church holds clear and central values that set it apart from any other entity and make it unique. We define ourselves as an organization with a heart for society, and an organization that instills principles for life. We seek to be an influence in every social circle we are involved in.

The following qualities must be present in each member, regardless of their position within the organization, and they are present in everything we do as a church.

1. Jesus is first

Our priorities will always be in order

2. We are leaders

It is not something we do is who we are

3. We serve people

Through servant leadership

4. We honor others

To honor God

5. We value excellence

We represent God’s kingdom on earth

6. We are generous

We understand it’s better to give than to receive

7. We are innovators

We are consistently looking for new ways to spread God’s word

8. We live with integrity

We say what we do, we do what we say

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