Where there is a team, there is victory!

During this time we have been forming and strengthening the leadership team at MCI Church. On September 12th we held an amazing meeting to anoint the 144 leaders of MCI Church, Miami. Everything was set and ready to go, but in an interesting turn of events, God spoke to our pastor, Pastor Claudia Castellanos, telling her that there should be a change of plans. God wanted to sanctify the leadership before they were anointed.

Everyone arrived at the location with great expectation, and although we were surprised by a change of events, it was a service that far exceeded anything we could have ever imagined. The Holy Spirit was so real in that place, all the way from the opening prayer to the closing prayer. In our time of worship, there was not one person in the room that was not surrendered in His presence. The message: going from curse to blessing through experiencing the Cross. So, we set out on a mission, a period of sanctification of 40 days. It has been a time of prayer and fasting, in unity, as a church, for God to bring a spirit and nature of holiness. From that day, the objective of every person in the church has been to uproot anything that is not correct in their life, to bring their life under the covering of the Blood of Jesus, and to enter into a daily relationship with the Cross. Pastor Cesar and Claudia Castellanos, as well as the whole team of 12 pastors, determined to personally visit every person in the church, to pray for every family, and cover every house with the Blood of Jesus. These visits have been wonderful. Families have been restored, financial miracles have occurred, there has been healing, and the church has grown incredibly.

So, we are about half way through the 40 day sanctification period, and we know that God has much more in store for MCI Church, Miami.

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