Love needs to be shown!

“My dear children, let’s not just talk about love; let’s practice real love.” 1 John 3:18 MSG


The power of heaven is unleashed when as a church we all have the same heart and mind. That’s why it’s so important to have received God’s direction each week this month. The spiritual strategies inspired by the life of the prophet Daniel have led us to understand that if for 30 days we cry out for life, we will see God’s power manifested everywhere. Now, it is time to rise up with authority and show love to the families we have been praying for.


We all have one mission: to save lives; and to accomplish this beautiful calling we need to know a few principles that should be put into practice from this moment on.


“I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.” John 14:6 NLT

Our church is a lifeboat! Because of this, we can’t just motivate people, we need to be leaders who are empowered and prepared to go out and rescue families from the hands of the enemy.

You and I need to understand the principle of intercession. We need to go into prayer and tear down the death sentence that has tried to steal dreams, damage marriages, and destroy people’s callings. It’s time for our hearts to recover the value of one person’s salvation.

Is there something or someone around you that needs to be rescued? Remember to persevere in prayer with your list of three people!


If you do not first light your own life, how will you take light to others? If we are “Christian secret agents” in our environment, how will we become lifeboats?

If you know that there’s an area in your life you need to put in order, it’s time to sanctify yourself. Part of accepting God’s call is understanding who you are to God, understanding what He wants to do in you and through you, and having a life free of arguments.

Remember to participate in the times of intercession! That’s where you receive the revelation of the power of the blood of Jesus to free your life and take on the challenges with spiritual strength.

If three people’s lives and salvation depended on you, how would you prepare spiritually?


“My dear children, let’s not just talk about love; let’s practice real love.” 1 John 3:18 MSG

– A compassionate heart

When was the last time you prayed and cried interceding for someone? The best way to love someone is by praying for them.

– Visit

There’s nothing like face-to-face quality time. The heavens are opened and hearts are willing and ready for you to go out and share the good news of salvation and restoration. Apply the principles Pastor Cesar has taught us for visiting people. Your visit will change lives!

– Impart faith

It might happen that when you visit a home you might find wounded hearts, discouragement, hopelessness or unbelief. But through that quality time, God will use you to remove logic, impart what you’ve received from Jesus and to sow the Word of God into every life. Tell them that the whole church has been praying for them!

– Meet their need

After you schedule your visit, make sure you don’t show up empty handed; be generous and thoughtful. Take time to listen to people so you’ll know what they need and how you can serve. Service is what sets us apart!

At the end, remember to invite this family to celebrate the closing of this great month with the “Festival of Life” next 3rd and 4th of August in our weekend meetings. It will be their opportunity to receive their miracles!


– Take the time to pray for each person in your cell group. Apply the blood that Jesus shed from His right side and declare that every wound in their faith, calling and emotions is healed. Declare that they will be used by God in this time to take life to their own homes.
– Ask each person for the list of the three people they’ve been praying for. If someone does not have it, give them a few minutes to make the list. Then, impart the spirit of the strategy to each of them, and together declare open heavens and willing hearts for each visit.
– Remind them how important that they continue participating in the scheduled intercessions for the rest of the month.
– After prayer, invite them to participate in the Festival of Life and lead them to visualize that they will be there with each one of their family members and friends.

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